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Why Hire a Social Media Manager and Brand Builder?

If you are a small business owner or independent sales professional, it is imperative that you are not only on social media, but that you are consistently active on all of your social platforms. Having a strong social media presence helps grow the company brand and attracts future clients and referral partners alike. If you don't have a strong social media presence, you are definitely at a disadvantage and ultimately giving your biggest competitors the advantage. But let's face it, running a business requires wearing a lot of hats and so does having a sales role! At the end of the day, you might not have the time or energy to devote to keeping up with your social media activity, especially if your business has more than one social media account. You also might not have an in-house marketing specialist that can help.

If all of this sounds like you, then you need the assistance of a Social Media Manager who will help build your brand with you! There is so much that goes into building a brand online and they can do the heavy lifting for you. So, what exactly do they do? Below is a list of some typical tasks that are taken off your plate when you outsource with a Social Media Manager.

  • Ensure company branding (logo, colors, fonts, etc.) is consistent across all social media platforms and the website.

  • Content creation for newsfeeds, stories and the company website.

  • Post marketing pieces, photos or re-share information on all social accounts.

  • Compete daily/weekly social media activity on your behalf; make new connections with potential clients or referral partners and like and comment on posts of current connections.

  • Monitor messages received through social accounts and alert you or respond on your behalf.

  • Review and update LinkedIn profiles for you and your team to ensure consistency.

  • Create business pages on social platforms for you. (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

  • Assist with the drafting of company newsletters and blogs.

  • Draft company email signatures for brand consistency.

  • Design special company mailings; postcards, holiday cards, thank you cards, etc.

  • Create company logos.

  • Keep you informed of social media trends and ways to stay relevant "online" in your industry.

  • Competitor analysis.

And guess what? Some Social Media Managers (LIKE ME!) can also take branding photos for you to use as part of your social media campaign. Photos are a great way for potential clients, current clients and referral partners to get to know YOU and they also receive the most "hits" on social media feeds.

Now that you know you need a Social Media Manager who will build your brand with you, how do you choose the right one? When selecting a Social Media Manager, it's important to consider the following:

  • Check out the content they are posting on their own social pages and website. Does it resonate with you?

  • Do they understand your industry? If not, could they easily learn it?

  • What is their experience with the items you need assistance with?

  • Are they passionate and outgoing?

  • Are they good storytellers?

  • What is their capacity? Do they work with other businesses too?

  • Do their fees coincide with your budget?

I offer social media management services as part of my business model and proudly support a few ongoing clients in the growth of their brands! I have also worked with individuals and companies on one-time projects as well. If you are interested in connecting and exploring how I can assist you as you grow, let me know. Here is the link to my professional branding services;

"A brand's strength is built upon it's determination to promote it's own distinctive values and mission." - Jean -Noel Kapferer. Find someone who will help you spread your mission and build your brand to the next level!

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Hiring a social media manager and brand builder can streamline your online presence, enhance engagement, and ensure consistent brand messaging. For creating compelling visuals and videos to boost your brand's appeal, is a valuable tool. Its intuitive features allow for professional editing, making it easier to craft content that resonates with your audience and strengthens your brand identity effectively.

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