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A Dress to Remember

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

As Roberto Cavalli famously said, "A beautiful dress can be as exciting as a poem." That same beautiful dress can also turn a photo shoot into pure magic. Today there are so many ways to add creative and personal touches to photo shoots and statement dresses are becoming a very popular way to do that. Imagine a glowing mom-to-be, excited about the arrival of her unborn child, deciding to invest in herself and capture this precious time by scheduling a maternity photo shoot. Now give her a gorgeous, flowing, once-in-a-lifetime dress to wear and you have just turned that photo shoot into an epic experience. Not only does she feel like a goddess, but the photos are sure to be works of art.

Statement dresses are not just for maternity photo shoots. They can be incorporated into any type of photo shoot; engagements, high school seniors, families, newborns, friendships, etc. But where do you find dresses that have the ability to make you feel magical? Will these same dresses cost you a small fortune? If you buy a dress like this, will you wear it more than once? All valid questions.

The solution? Rent the dress of your dreams. You may have heard about Rent the Runway for galas and red-carpet events, but did you know that renting a variety of unique and gorgeous dresses was also possible for photo shoots? Did you know that it doesn't have to cost you a small fortune? Well, now you do! The best part, these dresses are curated by and rented through photographers directly! Move over Rent the Runway. We, as photographers, are the ones that know what can turn a photo shoot from ordinary into pure poetry. Long trains, boho sleeves, material so smooth it feels like butter, subtle or vibrant colors.......oh my!

I am a boutique photographer and I make it my mission to give you an elevated experience. I want to ensure you feel beautiful, comfortable and prepared. I agree with Vera Wang, who once said, "I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman." If one of your dreams is to wear a once-in-a lifetime dress and be seen, I will help you find the one that puts the right focus on you.

The first step is to let me know when you book a session with me that you want to wear a statement dress. We will meet in-person or virtually and do the following:

  1. Look at the dress sites together and put in your order.

  2. Update our mutual calendars to note when the dress will be delivered and when it needs to be shipped back following the shoot.

  3. Decide on a location that will pair perfectly with your choice of dress and determine if any props or other details should be considered/incorporated.

  4. Find a hair and make-up stylist. (Assuming you don't already have one and want someone else to help you be camera-ready for the big day!)

  5. Discuss the best way to transport your dress the day of the shoot. (That's right, no driving or riding in your dress)

They sky is the limit when it comes to your photography investment. It can be much more than just dressing in a nice outfit and waiting for the flash. All you have to do is imagine "what if" and then say it out loud. Wear a dress that everyone will remember and transform your photo shoot into a literal dream!

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