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A Grandmother's Gift

Growing up, my Grandma was my north star. Not only did she love me unconditionally, she was the epitome of kindness, selflessness and happiness. She always knew how to find sunshine even in the grayest of skies. She taught me the importance of family, the value of building and fostering lifelong friendships and most importantly to celebrate and make lasting memories.

She captured these memories through her camera and through storytelling. It is because of her that I developed a lifelong love of photography. She bought me my first camera, she bought me my first photo album to fill and she encouraged me to think about the details and the story behind the photos I would take and add to this album. It is because of her that I know so much about her family, her friends and travel because of those precious hours she spent showing me her albums filled with everlasting memories.

Like her, I want to give other women the priceless gift of making a moment last a lifetime. To be able to glance over at a picture on the wall or flip the page in a photo album, smile and say "that was a good day."

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