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Maternity Shoots Made of Magic

There is nothing quite like awaiting the arrival of your new baby. Whether you are expecting a girl or boy or are waiting to be surprised, you are falling in love with a precious little human you haven't even met yet. It's a special time; one that many moms want captured.

To all of you beautiful moms-to-be, there are many ways to highlight the beauty of your pregnancy and keep you and your little life-in-bloom comfortable at the same time. Read on to learn about the makings of a magical maternity shoot.

When to take pictures

To be sure we get that gorgeous baby bump in photos, it's best to book your maternity shoot during the third trimester of your pregnancy between weeks 26 and 34. If you are a first time mama, book later in that aforementioned timeframe. For those of you who are already mamas, it's likely you will have a nice baby bump earlier this time around so it's recommended for you to book earlier in the 26-34 weeks window. And for those of you ladies expecting twins or multiples, 24-28 weeks is recommended for you lady warriors! With all the said, it's also important to pay attention to your body and when you feel is the best time for you.

What to wear

One of the reasons maternity shoots are scheduled is to highlight that beautiful baby bump, so make sure to an outfit that will show it off.

Colors: Light to medium colors tend to look best.

Patterns: Yes, they can work! But subtle is the key word here. Floral patterns are especially popular for maternity shoots along with patterns that are complimentary to each other. For example, a cream-colored pattern with a dusty-rose color is both subtle and beautiful when captured on film.

Fabrics/Textures: Soft cotton, crepe, gauze, rayon or chiffon.

Attire: Dresses are probably the most popular item that is worn for maternity shoots. Long and flowing dresses are not only gorgeous and complimentary, they are very comfortable and fun to wear. Add a little wind and the swish is everything! Along with dresses, fitted shirts above the baby bump and long skirts are popular as are robes. Tighter knit sweaters and jeans are also a good option if you are looking for a more casual shoot/look. Last but not least, it's perfectly acceptable and becoming more popular to wear nothing but underwear or nothing at all in maternity shoots.

What NOT to wear

Let's call out what NOT to wear. Any photographer's aim is to bring out that magical pregnancy glow and highlight your happiness and contentment. The last thing we want to do is see a mom-to-be who is wearing something that won't photograph well, something that makes you want to rip it off the minute the shoot is over and something that makes you grit your teeth while you smile. We will be having none of that!

Colors: Avoid dark colors. And avoid black at all costs. Black will try to drown out that beautiful baby bump-in-bloom that you are trying to showcase. Bright or neon colors are also not a good idea.

Patterns: Teeny-tiny patterns and large patterns are very distracting in photos. The naked eye tends to jump right to them before anything else when viewing a photo.

Fabrics/Textures: NO, NO, NO to stiff cotton. It could make you either feel or look like a mummy (not a mommy!) and the material is not very breathable.

Attire: This could be debatable, but shorter dresses don't photograph as well as long dresses do for a maternity shoot. Additionally, it's best to avoid any dresses or tops that are overly stretchy or loose as they can look tent-like and hide the curves we are trying to highlight.

Accessories and Popular Props

With any photo shoot, the sky is the limit and whatever you want is the name of the game. Some moms-to-be wear special accessories to pair with their outfits and/or include props that compliment the general motif. Here are some popular examples:

  • Floral crown or flowers pinned into hair

  • Hats

  • Flowers to hold

  • A shawl to wrap around shoulders

  • A blanket to sit on

  • Ultrasound photo

  • Baby shoes

  • Baby blocks to spell out a message

  • Letter balloon or balloons in general

  • Colored smoke (if gender reveal is part of the the shoot)

Sharing the Spotlight

While the mom-to-be takes center stage in maternity shoots, that doesn't mean other very important people cannot join in. In addition to the solo images taken of mama, there are so many great shots that can be taken with dads, husbands, wives, partners, siblings, grandparents and pets. The more the merrier!


There are so many ways to get creative with photo shoots nowadays and any location can be turned into a wonderful backdrop. However, here are some of the most popular locations for maternity shoots that are trending now:

  • The beach

  • Gardens

  • Wildflower or Sunflower fields

  • The woods

  • At home - master bedroom, nursery, bathtub or backyard

  • Photography studio

In the sweet words of Winnie the Pooh, "a great adventure is about to begin." Before your new baby arrives, let's capture the miracle of a beautiful, little life-in-bloom.

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