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Take the Quiz: How Strong is Your Brand on LinkedIn?

In a previous blog I discussed the

increasing popularity of LinkedIn. With over 830 million users (and counting!), many of today's professional connections are made there and individual and business brands alike are built there overnight. Having a current headshot and profile are important, but digital relationship-building along with the type and level of activity you are maintaining on the site is equally as important. If you are building a business, looking to increase your client base, want to get connected in your local community or if you are pursuing another career path, LinkedIn is the place you need to be and often.

Have you ever wondered how "strong" your current brand or LinkedIn presence is? Do you ever post content and wonder why it gets minimal likes or comments? The following short quiz might help shed some light.

For every YES answer to the questions below, give yourself 1 point.

  1. Do you know what a LinkedIn SSI score is?

  2. Do you know what your personal LinkedIn SSI score is?

  3. Do you know the score you need to achieve to be considered an above average user?

  4. Are you showcasing your work and pinning it to the Featured section?

  5. Do you know how to pull prospective client or employer lists?

  6. Have you joined professional groups on LinkedIn?

  7. Are you logging in at least once a week?

  8. Are you posting content at least once a week?

How did you do?

Scores between 7-8: You are the G.O.A.T. of strong social brands!

Scores between 5-6: You are a rising star; one to watch as far as social brands go.

Scores 4 or below: You are still at training camp.

To take away some of the mystery for those that might not have hit the G.O.A.T. status, SSI stands for social selling index. Essentially, LinkedIn has a proprietary algorithm that calculates and assigns each user a score based on 4 pillars of social selling factors. These pillars are comprised of the completeness of your profile, who you are connected to and how often you interact with them, what insights you share with people in your network/industry and how active you are with the LinkedIn groups you belong to. Plain and simple: the higher your score, the more visible you are on the LinkedIn platform. To calculate your individual score, go to:

As you begin setting professional goals for 2023, consider whether or not your LinkedIn profile or habits need a refresh. If you find yourself wanting more information about the quiz topics above or want to learn how to leverage LinkedIn tools to your advantage, I can help. I have a small suite of professional branding services to compliment my photography services and you can learn more here:

Flex your brand muscles in 2023 and get noticed!

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