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Putting Your Memories Into Print

After making the investment in a photography session, it is important to know where and how your images will be reproduced. More often than not, these images will grace the walls of your home or end up as a framed gift. You want to make sure they shine!

Some photographers require clients to print images through them as part of the session package while other photographers provide clients with a print release giving them the power to choose a printer. As a value add to my clients, I provide a print release. While this gives "control" in decision-making, it is still very important to do the research when it comes to printing companies. Consider things like:

  • What is their customer service rating?

  • Do they use state-of-the-art printing technology?

  • What type of sizing is available?

  • What type of photo paper and finishing is available?

  • Do they offer any other photo services other than printing? (Framing, Canvases, Photo Albums)

  • What is the turnaround time for orders?

Whatever company you choose, prints should have bright, accurate colors and should be sharp and detailed even at the larger sizes.

Following are top rated online printing companies to consider the next time you need images printed:

  • MPIX

  • Nations Photo Lab

  • Printique by Adorama

If you are in the Greater Milwaukee Area, here are some local printers for consideration:

  • Art's Cameras Plus (Greenfield & Waukesha locations)

  • Allied Digital Photo (Germantown)

In the wise words of Annie Leibovitz, "A very subtle difference can make the picture or not."

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