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Popular Spots for Spring/Summer Photo Shoots in the Greater Milwaukee Area

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Whether you are looking for an outdoor backdrop that is in a natural or urban environment, Southeastern Wisconsin is full of amazing spots for spring and summer photo shoots. Some spots are well known and some are off the beaten path. What is true in almost every case is that it's hard to pick one!

Location is the most common topic discussed during my pre-shoot consultations with clients. I consider the following things before giving a recommendation: their personality, if the photos are going to be more formal or casual, what time of day the photo shoot is scheduled for and what locations my previous clients and I have loved the most.

Want some examples of hot spots to consider for your next spring or summer shoot? Here are a few that I LOVE and that are becoming increasing popular amongst my clients as well as those of fellow photographers.

For Professional Headshots:

  • Milwaukee Third Ward

  • Milwaukee Riverwalk

  • Milwaukee Art Museum Grounds

  • Colectivo Coffee Lakefront

  • The Outsider Rooftop Bar (Kimpton Journeyman Hotel)

  • Iron Horse Hotel

  • Black Cat Alley

  • Frame Park Formal Gardens

  • Wauwatosa Village

  • The Corners of Brookfield

For Lifestyle Photos (Family, Couples, Maternity, High School Seniors):

  • Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

  • Lakeshore State Park

  • Milwaukee Third and Fifth Wards

  • Atwater Beach

  • Elm Grove Village Park

  • Boerner Botanical Gardens

  • Glacier Hills County Park

  • Ice Age Trail

  • Shimon Sunflower Farm

  • Kohler-Andre State Park

Spring and summer weather doesn't stay around nearly as long as it should in Wisconsin, so take advantage of that golden light and these awesome spots and call your favorite photographer to join you!

Colectivo Coffee Lakefront Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Milwaukee Third Ward

Frame Park Formal Gardens Elm Grove Village Park Wauwatosa Village

*The photo at the beginning of this blog post was taken on the shores of Lake Michigan within the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center grounds.

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