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New Year, New Beginnings!

Cue the confetti, 2023 is here! We made it! In the wise words of Hillary DePiano, "You can get excited about the future. The past won't mind." LOVE.THIS. There definitely is a lot of excitement and magic in new beginnings. I cannot wait to embrace the opportunities that present themselves in a new year. Most importantly, I cannot wait to see all of you!

I am very excited to share some new photography package offerings that I will be bringing to YOU, my client, in the year ahead. As a boutique photographer, my three main goals are to make your life easier by delivering high touch client service, provide you with unique and empowering photo shoot experiences and to help you build your personal or professional brand. It is my hope that these new offerings help me achieve these goals and keep those smiles on your faces!

New in 2023:

  1. Photo Shoot Swag Bags - Blake Lively said that "The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence." But let's face it, sometimes it is hard. And sometimes it's even harder to feel confident when you are at a photo shoot and unsure of how you look or have forgotten tools to help you primp and prep. Girls, I got you. Ladies, for any individual headshot or lifestyle package booked, a complimentary swag bag will be gifted to you at the shoot. Let me pamper you!

  2. Print Offerings - You can now order prints and photo art directly through me! While the world has gone largely digital, there are still going to be times when you want to print your photos. Perhaps you want to grace the walls of your home with photo memories or give the gift of a framed portrait. With so many options for printing photos, it' hard to know what company to use and even harder to know what type of products to order. Enter Women in Bloom Photography. In 2023, when your photo galleries are complete and posted, you will now be able to order a variety of print sizes and other photo art options.

  3. New Studio Spaces - Whether you prefer an indoor shoot or the Wisconsin weather ends up making that decision for us, I am excited to partner with other photographers and bring you more options for studio shoots in the Milwaukee area. Historic buildings, cream city brick, boho decor and backdrops galore, these studios will ensure a unique experience and give you the privacy to come alive like the model you are! (Contact me directly for information on the studio locations!)

  4. New Pricing - Don't fret friends! While I do need to made a few adjustments to my prices in order to continue to bring you the best while being able to stay in business, your wallets won't be empty once you're done working with me! Starting in 2023, a $15 increase is being added to individual headshot packages and a $20 increase is being added to lifestyle, maternity and newborn packages. Corporate headshots and special event pricing will continue to be negotiated.

  5. Additional Images - With slight additions in price comes additional guaranteed digital images in each package. Hooray! Click here to learn more:

Happy New Year to you! Every day is a fresh start; every sunrise a new chapter in your life just waiting to be written. I hope it's your best year yet. Looking forward to seeing you and your loved ones on the other side of the lens in 2023!

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