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New Professional Services!

What do you want your network to know about you? Updating a headshot goes hand in hand with having a current LinkedIn profile while maintaining the right kind of activity based on your role. A complete profile and sharing timely and meaningful content will give you credibility in your field and help you stand out as a desirable connection.

Did you know that LinkedIn has actually been around longer than Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram? Despite a long tenure, it is now more relevant than ever. Why? Because LinkedIn hosts more than 830 million professional profiles, which translates to an enormous supply of industry connections and job opportunities alike. Whether you are an individual or an employer, brands are built by being active on LinkedIn.

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to leverage LinkedIn more effectively to make the right connections? Have you wondered how to increase your visibility as a thought leader in your field on LinkedIn? Do you struggle with what to post? Do you want to learn more about recent LinkedIn trends and new functions? Are you a business owner that needs to create a LinkedIn Business Page or increase awareness of your brand? If you answered YES to any of these questions, I can help!

In addition to my passion for photography, I am also passionate about helping professionals reach their career goals while gaining confidence in an online world of doing business. This passion stems from my extensive experience in sales training and development prior to launching my own photography business last year.

I am pleased to announce that in addition to my photography packages, I now also offer the following LinkedIn professional packages to help YOU stand out from the crowd:

  • Profile Building and Review

  • Business Page Building and Review

  • Best Practices Training

  • Ongoing LinkedIn Support/Coaching

If any of these offerings would help you achieve your goals, I would love to help. For more information, visit my new Professional Branding page on the Women in Bloom website!

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. If you want to take your personal or business brand to the next level, step 1 is to log in to LinkedIn and assess the state of your profile and activity levels. Step 2 is to call me!

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