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Frequently Asked Questions

When you are booking a photo shoot, you are making an investment. Like other purchases in life, it's important to do your research. In doing this research, you will undoubtedly come to the conclusion that there are a lot of photographers to choose from. And you would be right! There are a lot of us out there! You may find yourself wondering how to differentiate between us and you also might have additional questions about our processes even after reviewing our websites. The purpose of this blog is to help you understand more about working with Women in Bloom Photography specifically! In addition to outlining the focus of my business and providing a review of my process, I am also including a couple of frequently asked questions I have received in the past (along with the answers of course!) to help remove some mystery.

But first, a little word about STYLE

I want to encourage you to select a photographer whose style aligns with yours. Again, there are a lot of photographers out there and while the mechanics of our job are pretty much the same (i.e. using a camera) we each have our own niche, our own personalities, our own systems for editing photos, preferred locations for photo shoots and unique styles. For example, if you prefer photos that are bright, bold and colorful, don't book a session with a photographer who's portfolio contains photos that have more of a warm tone. Or if you are getting married, look for photographers who specialize in weddings and market themselves that way versus contacting photographers who's portfolios are largely focused on families. Keeping style and speciality in the back of your mind will save you and your future photographer time and the results will be better suited for what you are looking for. Tip: Check the "About" or "My Story" or "Meet the Photographer" sections of each website for more of a window into that photographer's personality and world.

Q: What does Women in Bloom Photography specialize in?

A: First and foremost, my target clientele are women. Women of all ages, races, shapes and sizes. My aim it to make each and every woman I work with feel comfortable, confident and classy. I am a "boutique" photographer, providing high-touch and individualized service. While I do lifestyle photography (i.e. families, maternity, high-school seniors), my niche is headshot photography and personal/business branding photography.

Q: What is Women in Bloom's "photography" style?

A: Bright, bold, colorful and true to life!

Q: How do I book a session with Women in Bloom Photography?

A: You can reach me via email, via my cell or via my website to book a session.

Q: What happens after I book a session with Women in Bloom Photography?

A: You will receive a confirmation via email containing sessions logistics, an invoice for payment and a photo release form for signature. You will also receive an invite to schedule a pre-shoot style consultation.

Q: When is payment due?

A: For individual headshots and lifestyle shoots, payment is due within 5 days of booking to hold your photo shoot date. For corporate headshot and branding photos, the payment due date is negotiated.

Q: How long will my photo shoot last?

A: The length of your session is negotiable, but on average individual headshots last around 30 minutes, a full personal/professional branding session lasts up to 60 minutes and lifestyle photos last up to 60 minutes. The length of a corporate headshot session is dependent on the number of colleagues.

Q: Where can I have my photo shoot?

A: The location of your session is selected by YOU! If you don't have a place in mind, I will make some recommendations based on the type of photo shoot you have booked as well as your personal style. Location can be outdoors, at a studio, in an office, at favorite place of yours in the city or at your home.

Q: Does Women in Bloom Photography have a studio?

A: I don't have my own studio (yet!), but I share space with other photographers at two fantastic studios in Bay View.

Q: Do you take photos of men?

A: Yes! While the primary focus of my business is women, I am happy to work with men as well.

Q: What should I wear to my shoot?

A: My initial answer will always be, whatever makes you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. It's important to wear something that compliments your body shape and skin tone as well. If you wear something that is too tight, a style you normally don't wear or wear something you are trying to replicate from a magazine or Instagram, 9 times out of 10 you won't feel like "you" and the discomfort will likely show in your photos. Prior to each photo shoot, I offer a complimentary style consultation and this is where we can discuss outfit options, ideas for accessories, make-up and hair stylists and beyond. I also have a library of blog articles on the topic of what to wear that I will share with you as well.

Q: What should I bring to my photo shoot?

A: Any outfit changes, a brush/comb, any make-up for retouching and personal props you want to include in the photo. For outdoor shoots, I always recommend bringing water, sunscreen or bug spray along depending on what season or location it is. For any individual headshot, personal branding or lifestyle sessions, I also provide a complimentary photo shoot day swag bag which contains all kinds of goodies you might need.

Q: Will you help me with posing?

A: Absolutely! I can offer you a variety of options for posing or we can have more of a casual shoot where you are just being you. It's your call!

Q: I have an outdoor photo shoot and the weather forecast for that day doesn't look good. Does Women in Bloom Photography take photos rain or shine?

A: If the weather isn't in our favor, we will look at our mutual calendars and reschedule. Rain, snow or high winds are not conducive for photo shoots. You will be uncomfortable and my equipment is not waterproof! However, if your photos are a part of a special family occasion or you are up against a deadline for headshots, then we will find an indoor location as an alternative.

Q: I need to cancel my photo shoot. Will I get my money back?

A: Life happens! If you reschedule your date, you will not be charged a fee and your initial payment will cover the new date. If you cancel and do not re-book, your initial payment will be returned to you minus a *$50 fee. (*if it is a studio shoot, additional fees will apply.)

Q: When will I receive my photos?

A: Your photos will be ready 1-2 weeks after your photo shoot. They will be uploaded to an online album and you will receive the link and password for downloading. BUT......prior to your album being complete, you will see a sneak peek of a couple of photos on the Women in Bloom Photography social pages!

Q: Am I require to order a set number of prints as part of my package?

A: No. However, if you are interested in prints or artwork of any of your photos, you can design and order them through me. I do not provide a print release.

Q: I don't like some of my physical features, can you modify or photoshop them out?

A: I use both Photoshop and Lightroom for photo editing software. However, I use them to do the following; enhance color, increase or decrease light, highlight landscapes, crop images, smooth skin and wrinkles and to remove blemishes and minor obstructions. My photography celebrates the beauty and individuality of each of my clients, so I do not overly airbrush. I also cannot change body features.

Q: After I receive my photos, can I do some additional editing myself?

A: No. Photos captured by Women in Bloom Photography cannot be altered in any way. If there is something you would like modified, please reach out to discuss. A fee may be charged for additional rounds of edits.

Q: Can I post photos that Women in Bloom Photography has taken of me on social media?

A: Yes! Post away!

Q: I am a returning client. Will I receive a discount?

A: YAY! YES! You will receive a 10% discount. And a little extra attention from me!

Knowledge is power. And when you are stepping into the spotlight, you want to ensure you are comfortable with the person behind the camera! My goal is to ensure you have FUN during your photo shoot and walk away feeling like it was a positive experience and investment. Hopefully the information above helps you understand more about Women in Bloom Photography and makes you smile knowing you made the right choice!

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